NFT Artist
Enrique Ulloa NFT artist
It's 2022 and the time has come to start exploring the world of crypto art and NFTs by launching my first collection which is displayed below.
Undoubtedly we are in a historical and crucial moment in the evolution of the internet, the economy, the arts and in general, the entire world as we know it.
Even as the NFT bubble is still inflating rapidly, still has a lot to polish, correct and evolve. Why wait to explore this new way to share and appreciate artistic expression?
My first genesis collection on OpenSea
In this shooting with Uruguayan actor Augusto Gordillo Lisboa, he gets into the skin of different characters one after the other to bring us into different historic periods as well as distant world.
From a Berber form the desert, to a samurai, an alien to Jesus himself.
His versatility allowed to create 5 distinctive characters and ambiances in one single photoshoot so creativity flows all over the place.
1/1 16 NFT pieces.
Size: 2160x2340px.
Marketplace: OpenSea.
Price Floor: 0.07 ETH.
Blockchain: Polygon.
Release date: March 18 2022.
Virtual Gallery onCyber
Visita la colección AVGVSTVS byUllOA en la galería virtual ya disponible en onCyber.

Visit  this collection in the virtual gallery already available at the onCyber platform.

RED TALE: First special drop on Rarible
Just a simple spark of red can lead to a revolution of freedom.
Photo shoot with makeup artist and model Chriss Velour inspired in The Handmaid's Tale look.
This improv look was made while the MUA tested a new red eyeshadow.
1/1 NFT Drop.
Size: 2160x2340px.
Marketplace: Rarible.
Blockchain: Ethereum.
Release date: April 9th 2022.
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